LA Aqueduct on Google Earth

lasimpleFor those of you interested in seeing the LA Aqueduct up close on Google Earth. Download the LA Aqueduct KML in the library on the right and open it in Google Earth. This a pared down version of my more complete KML but it still has a lot of stuff to explore. Over the next few weeks I'll upload my other KML's including the Colorado River Aqueduct, SWP, Hetch Hetchy, Mokelumne, San Diego aqueducts, etc.

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  1. Hello David Coffin,

    I discovered your amazing web site DroughtMath while searching for maps of the route of the LA Aqueduct for a school project, which involves using Google Earth to map some of the world’s largest IBTs for educational and research purposes. FYI: I teach water resources management from a sustainable use perspective. We (myself and a couple of students) are about 99% done with the Central Arizona Project, and have done a lot of preliminary work on the Israeli National Water Carrier, the All-American Canal, and others.

    We were making good progress on the LA Aqueduct until we got to Fairmont Reservoir and the Elizabeth Tunnel where things get pretty confusing. Fortunately I was able to get in touch with Fred Barker, formerly of LADWP, who has been a great help. But there were still some aspects of the route that he was unfamiliar with and is currently checking with some of his old colleagues at LADWP for clarification. In the meantime I discovered your website and was shocked to not only discover your KML maps, but to see the level of detail you were able to document. (FYI: Fred just sent me some notes and they correspond almost perfectly with your map).

    If you are willing, I would very much like to talk to you sometime about your work and the sources of your information. Any assistance you can provide will be much appreciated!


    Philip L. Chaney, PhD, PS
    2046D Haley
    Department of Geosciences
    Auburn University, AL 36849

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