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First Looks: The LADWP 2015 Draft UWMP – Hiding the Shortage

After spending a few weeks paging through the just released LADWP 2015 Draft Urban Water Management Plan, my immediate conclusion is that the plan is a thinly disguised effort to hide the city’s low water supply levels from the planning process to protect development.This draft, like past UWMP’s, continues to project levels of water in all supply categories that […]

L.A.’s First Water Plans – The 1985 & 1990 UWMP

In 1983 the State of California passed the Urban Water Management Plan Act that required water suppliers to provide a water plan every five years. The Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is rich in information as it identifies the agencies sources of water (aqueduct, groundwater, imported), amounts of water available from these sources, methods of conveyance, current and future water uses, […]

L.A.’s Losing Access to Water

This is Part II of a series describing L.A.’s water supply problems and the policies that produced it. As remarkable as L.A.’s water supply growth was in its first 75 years, city’s residents would be stunned by the loss of supply since 1985 if they were aware of it. For awhile optimism crept into the water plans and the city […]

L.A.’s Growing Access to Water

This is Part I of a series describing L.A.’s water supply problem and the policies that produced it. To summarize the city’s first 75 years of access to water with one word that word would be ‘remarkable’. During that period The City of Los Angeles saw its access to water supply grow from 51,402 to 716,951 acre-feet per year by […]