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California’s Groundwater Basins

Interested in identifying your California Groundwater Basin? I downloaded California Department of Water Resources groundwater basin .shp file and started a mini project converting it to a .kml that is viewable in Google Earth. After converting it, I colorized each unique basin to make the standout. It’s absolutely amazing how many groundwater basins have been identified in California. […]

UWMP Comment Period Quietly Passes Unnoticed

In a city with nearly 4 million people, there are probably just a few dozen that even know what the Urban Water Management Plan is and even fewer that knew March 16th was the last day to comment on it.  Comments that are submitted during the public comment period are published near the end of the UWMP and for […]

Los Angeles Aqueduct Year End Report

With the Water Year ending last September, this is a look at the Los Angeles Aqueduct supplies from 1975 to 2015. Most of the hard reductions were due to Courts ordering the LADWP to permanently release water back into the Mono and Owens Basins between 1985 and 2007 . The last three years have been due primarily to the State’s drought. […]

LADWP’s Paper Water Leverages on MWD Supplies

When the LADWP uses paper water, not only does it affect Los Angeles residents, it also impacts utilities and residents outside of the city. ‘Paper water’ is water that “utilities claim they have access to, but is difficult or impossible to access for various reasons”.When the LADWP claims to have access to more city owned domestic water than it really has access […]

LADWP Water Main Blowouts on the Uptick

Recently the LADWP Tweeted from @LADWP that its water main leak rate is less than half of the national average. However, the department’s aging water main ‘blowout’ rate is up 62% from July 2013. Leaks have remained flat during that period. BLOWOUTS   LEAKS    COMBINED    

LADWP 2015 Report Card on UWMP Projections

With the close of the 2015 water year last September, it’s time to step back and take a look at how well the LADWP met its first five year projections that came from the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan. EIR’s winding their way through the planning department use this data to presumably assure us that there will […]

Drunk History on Solving L.A.’s First Water Crisis

Jack Black gets a lot right about L.A. Aqueduct’s history in 6 minutes on this Comedy Central YouTube video.Maybe they could also put together a Drunk History version behind LADWP’s twisted logic that building 100,000 new units actually saves the city water! Come to think of it, that’s a thoroughly modern day version of China Town.

How Much Paper Water Costs

Can you buy paper water? Absolutely.Today the LADWP sent out an agenda for an upcoming meeting of the LADWP Board of Commissioners.  One of the agenda items on it was the NoHo West project Water Supply Assessment with a recommendation by LADWP Water Systems section for the Board to approve it. Like other WSA’s this one is […]

L.A.’s History of Paper Water

This graph shows the City of Los Angeles’s history of ‘paper water’ since 1990 and the actual amount of water it has been able to obtain. Paper water is the gap between what the city anticipated it would need for it future growth versus the amount of water it actually received. The projections appear in the city’s […]

L.A.’s Paper Water Problem

Part IV in a series describing L.A.’s water supply problems, the drought and the policies that produced it. L.A.’s PAPER WATER Urban Water Management Plans of 1990, 1995, 2000, & 2005 had all projected huge demand requirements and provided us with solutions on how it would met. However, as each superseding UWMP was approved, it left behind a growing […]