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Thoughts on the LADWP 2015 Draft and UWMP Process in General

If there ever was a reason for the State Department of Water Resources to vet UWMPs that are submitted to it, this should be one of them. For 30 years, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s practice of reporting water that it can’t access has undermined public transparency, making it appear that the city water supply was […]

LA City Water Assessments Edge into the Absurd

Water supply assessments for two large projects have been approved by the LADWP water resource planners and is coming to the City of Los Angeles Board of Water and Power Commissioners on June 2 for approval.  The LADWP cites its own 2010 UWMP claiming there is sufficient water for these two projects through the year 2035, and enough for all other “existing and planned future demands”. The […]

Would ‘Lose the Lawn’ Solve L.A.’s Water Problem?

Would “Lose the Lawn” solve the City of Los Angeles’s water problem? Throughout the state the crescendo to eliminate residential lawns has grown louder among water boards, agencies and political leaders.  In Los Angeles, a partnership between the Metropolitan Water District and the DWP will even pay residents $3.75 per square foot to convert their lawns ‘drought tolerant’ landscape with arguable curb appeal. “Californians should […]

Urban Planning Meetings Rarely Discuss Water Supply

L..A’s recent drought has been going on far longer than the statewide drought. California’s last drought was declared in 2008 and it ended in 2011 then re-declared it in 2014.  L.A’s drought was declared in 2008 and was never rescinded. So why has L.A.’s drought been so persistent and growing by the day?The City of Los Angeles has been […]

L.A.’s Water Conservation Disconnect

For the most part there is zero conversation inside city hall about managing water demand by slowing or perhaps putting an indefinite hold on approving water supply assessments and construction permits. Today’s growth in Los Angeles is ‘big’, it’s ‘dense’ it’s ‘vertical’ and it’s pervasive. Mayor Garcetti last September announced that he wants to expedite construction […]