California’s Groundwater Basins


Interested in identifying your California Groundwater Basin? I downloaded California Department of Water Resources groundwater basin .shp file and started a mini project converting it to a .kml that is viewable in Google Earth. After converting it, I colorized each unique basin to make the standout. It's absolutely amazing how many groundwater basins have been identified in California.

Feel free to download it from the KML library link on the right side or here. You can also find an interactive map at the Groundwater Information Center.

You will need Google Earth to view it.

An interesting aside: Former media mogul David Geffen's who has been cited as a profligate water user by the City of Beverly Hills says he's been trying to get a permit to drill for groundwater on his property. His groundwater basin would probably be located at 34.073926,-118.4000092.  However, I think the rights he's seeking in the Coastal Plain of Los Angeles Basin, Subbasin 4-11.02, Hollywood has already asserted by local utilities. Water is a zero-sum resource. If only we could all drill a hole in the ground to water our gardens.

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